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Chairman of committee

Chairman of Committee

Armen Ghularyan

Born on September 25, 1954 in Ijevan.


+374 11 62 17 01


  • 1961-1971

    Studied at Russian secondary school in Ijevan.

  • 1971-1976

    Graduated from Yerevan Polytechnic Institute, the faculty of architecture, specialization - architect. 

Work experience

  • 1976-1980

    Executive Committee of Ijevan’s Regional Council, Head of the Architecture group, RA.

  • 1980-1988

    Chief Architect of Ijevan region, RA.

  • 1988-1990

    CPA (Communist Party of Armenia)- Ijevan Regional Committee, Head of Industry, Construction and Transport Department.

  • 1990-1991

    Executive Chairman of Ijevan City Council, Acting President.

  • 1991-1996

    Executive Committee of Ijevan City Council, RA – Chairman.

  • 1996-1999

    Mayor of Ijevan, RA.

  • 1999-2014

    Governor of Tavush, Republic of Armenia.

  • 2014-2016

    Deputy Minister of Urban Development of the Republic of Armenia.

  • 2016-2018

    Vice Chairman of the State Urban Development Committee attached to the Government of the Republic of Armenia.

  • 2018-2021

    First Vice Chairman of the RA Urban Development Committee.

  • 2021

    On January 27, 2021 appointed as the Chairman of the RA Urban Development Committee.

Other information

Colonel of the RA  Armed Forces. Has been awarded the "Anania Shirakatsi" medal, “Momik Architect” gold medal, "Frityof Nansen" and the RA Prime Minister's commemorative medals, as well as with medal of honor of the RA National Assembly. Has letters of thanks.

1999-to present- Member of the Union of Architects.

2000-to present- Member of the International Union of Architects.

Personal information

Married, has two sons.